The Effectiveness of Introducing Comics into Science Textbooks to Reduce Stress Level during Learning

The purpose of this research is to study the effectiveness of using comics in energy topics to reduce the stress levels for secondary school students enrolled in a physics course. This research incorporates both qualitative and quantitative methods. Also it has three cycles the first cycle is a pilot study which consists of theoretical part to review past study papers related to measuring academic emotions in physics education and a practical part. In this research project the researcher aims to design a comic booklet and present it to the secondary students while measuring their stress levels during learning.


With the DOC program, the Austrian Academy of Sciences ÖAW supports this research project for two years.

This research project has been supported with another founder "movisens" providing EDA sensors "EdaMove 4".


"movisens" produces research grade ambulatory physiological sensors capable of capturing high resolution ECG, electrodermal activity, and physical activity data for the analysis of physiological parameters in everyday life. They developed the class leading experience sampling solution movisensXS, with the most comprehensive yet intuitive design interface for developing complex studies with ease. The sensors of movisens can also integrate into movisensXS and provide an additional option for physiological based triggering of experience sampling questionnaires or interventions. The company partners with researchers, developing custom solutions to enable them to solve their innovative research questions by providing comprehensive services from study design through to data analysis.


Areas of interest:

Educational comics, Academic emotions, Electrodermal Activity EDA, Energy literacy, Nature of science.


Contact: Eman Fathy Abdulla Sharaf, B.Sc. MEd